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How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Are you a high school graduate and wanted to start a career becoming a pharmacy technician but does not know what to do? Well, this article is just right for you.


Firstly, what is a pharmacy technician? The basic understanding of pharmacy technician is the assistant to the pharmacists; however, with the fast-growing industry, the role, and responsibility of pharma tech has significantly evolved throughout the years.


The role and responsibility of pharmacy tech had been diversified due to the increasing workload of pharmacists in a pharmaceutical market, hospitals, and other related pharmaceutical organizations.

So how do you become a competent pharmacy technician? Below are some tips on how to become one:


·         Look for the right pharm schooling or pharma tech training program. Do not waste your money on some bogus pharma schooling online. Do some background checks on the school credentials. Remember you aim to become a competent pharmacy technician and not some simple store operator. Lancaster has several pharmacy technician schools that offer quality education, which is if you are living within the area respectively.


·         As mentioned earlier, do not quickly take advantage of online training programs, most of these programs are not nationally and regionally accredited.


·         Check the school's certification exams and the state's policies for pharmacy technician's job description. Some state does not require licensure exams. However, some states have several requirements for licensure. Therefore, you must be aware of the state requirements.


·         When you are planning to step up your career, becoming a licensed pharmacist, you must check the school if the school credentials can be transferrable.


·         Study and understand the principles of pharmacy technicians and its advocacy. Understanding the in-depth role and responsibilities of pharmacy technician advances the students' knowledge and skills related to pharmacology. Moreover, there are crucial tasks of pharmacy technician that requires competence in skills and knowledge. Such as, compounding or mixtures two or more drugs, inventory control, and health care education towards clients or patients.


·         The pharmacy technicians are trained to work in a busy environment. Therefore, you must be flexible and understand the workflow of a pharmacy technician.


·         Do not waver to ask questions to your supervisor or licensed pharmacist about anything related to pharmacy. These people can help you in some situations that require evidence-based practice.



Pharmacy technician has the best jobs in pharmaceutical industry. With a fast-growing industry, several job opportunities are being openly provided to those interested students. You can work in the drug laboratory, trading, stores, companies, hospitals, home cares, and other pharmacy-related organizations.


However, you must understand that there is a difference between assistant pharmacist and pharmacy technician. The former has a diversified job description such as clerical functions; prepare medications, data entry, and dispensing drugs. These functions are respectively different from the assistant pharmacists.


Now, if you have understood the primary roles, responsibilities, and what a pharmacy technician must possess and what to do to become a competent pharmacy technician, you can now choose the right school for you. Moreover, always remember that with great determination, anyone can achieve his or her dreams.